Monday, February 3, 2014

February 2 2014

Sorry for the last couple of weeks. I will still get to email. We just had a couple weeks with computer problems. The internet isn't the best in Ghana so sometimes you just don't get lucky. So yes I'm still in Odoben I'll be with a guy named.. I forgot. But I'll meet him on Wednesday haha. So it's funny I've only served in 3 areas my whole mission. I kind of followed in Bro James Jackson's footsteps.
That's sweet. Dad doesn't really need to work as much now that all the kids are moved out anyways right? I imagine since you have 4 less mouths to feed.
How often does Cherish come to visit you guys nowadays? Has she been enjoying her job?
This week was Elder Harris's last week on Mission so for District Meeting he made us all brownies which were delicious. I gave an instruction of Recognizing the Spirit, and the Importance of having the spirit with you during the work. It went well I thought.
This week I was just studying for my next instruction on "Finding People to Teach". Haha I actually kind of did it for myself but I figure it was a good one for the whole district as well. It usually takes me a full week to prepare for instructions. Haha they make me nervous still even though I've been a district leader before. I just have a hard time thinking up topics to instruct on, and then making them interesting and long enough to fill the 1 hr 30 min to 2 hour instruction. Turns out that they're actually doing a combined district meeting this week anyways and so Elder Wade will instruct instead of me.
So with Transfer News Elder Adams (My current companion from Utah) is going to Takoradi which is in the West of the Mission While I'm on the East side. He's going to be with one of his Missionary Training Center people he came with. Elder Collins (same apartment as me from California) is moving to Assin Fosu to train a new missionary, He'll be a great trainer. He's a very sweet guy. Elder Loader (from California) is training a new missionary in the same apartment as me. So it'll be fun. Elder Loader's a sweet guy haha.
On Saturday Elder Collins, Elder Loader, and Elder Brown went to the training meeting so Elder Harris came with Elder Adams and I. It was a slow day but we did teach a nice Less active lesson about the 10 virgins which was a nice lesson and she committed to coming to the church. It didn't end up happening, but I still thought it was a good lesson. We also got a nice referal from a member that will hopefully progress into something.
It was funeral day so when we went to get Fufu from our usual Chop Bar it was rented for making food specially for the funeral. But we went to the chop bar that usually isn't open and it was and I love the fufu there the best so I was happy.
We all met up when they got back, but it started raining so Elder Harris and Elder Brown slept over the night. They were telling scary stories most of the night haha it was kind of fun. Then we put our 4 mattresses together so we could have 6 of us together. Elder Brown made me laugh when he started rolling across everybody saying "steam roller!" haha that guy's funny.
On Sunday we went to pick up our investigator to come to church but her daughter was very sick so she said she wasn't able to come. Haha our church hasn't been starting until like 8:45 instead of 8:30 because everyone has been coming so late. Brother Thomas taught Elder's Quorum which he is a good teacher I like it when he teaches. I was asking the boy next to me questions to see if he understood and I felt like I was able to help him understand a bit better which was nice.
After church we went out for a bit and tried to find people to teach but not much success.
Well there's a bit of my week.
Love you guys.
Elder Adair

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