Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Feburary 24 2014

Hey yes I'm sorry I did get those M&M's! Thank you so much dad I definitely enjoyed the Mnm's the most. Sorry I thought I had sent a letter.
Oh wow what color is dad painting the house?
Mmm with College I think I'll just stick close to home. I'll start searching what career I want to go into and then figure out which school to go to.
With finding in the area we seem to get a lot of first lessons but then the follow up lessons don't seem to go anywhere soo I don't know what we need to work on in the area.
I think any area is good, it just depends on your attitude towards the area. But I've been in the area for 10 months so we just seem to be on a slower point right now. It gets hard when it feels like you're having little success though.
I've really been enjoying Elder Collette, he's a sweet missionary and works hard. He has a lot of good ideas as well. He has a positive attitude towards the work and comes up with ideas throughout the day of what we should do.
So this week we did a lot of street contacting and we tried to meet with a couple referrals from members. There is a boy named Brother Capture who was a referal and he has potential but it's kind of up to him if he decides to start visiting the church. He seems to be gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon, but there's something that's holding him back from coming to church. 

Elder Collette's had a stomach ache the past couple days. I guess I've just been getting lucky that I don't get sick.
Well I love you
Elder Adair

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