Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 13 2014

Wow Texas again? Soo if you can get to Texas for that much. How much would it cost me to go to places like England, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya?

The District has been good. I've actually only done 1 instruction so far because the Asikuma Elders apartment wasn't finished so we combined with another district the past 2 weeks.

Umm the emails have been jumbled around. Today I'm emailing on Monday late at night because we went to Cape Coast as a Zone Activity and visited Elmina castle. Last week we emailed in Swedru on Monday for P-day. The week before that it was combined districts in Swedru so we just emailed in Swedru on Tuesday. My area in Odoben always seems to have random emailing since we tend to have to travel a lot.

The water has been working great. We now have enough water for our apartment to supply a whole town for hundreds of years. Soo we now have working showers, toilets, etc. We'll probably never have problems with water ever again.

I don't know how much they carry on their head. They can carry really heavy stuff though if they want to. They usually send the kids to fetch water and I swear it's like fifty pounds of water that an 8 year old carrys. I do not understand how it is possible. From my understanding the water should crush them. As well if they go to farm they'll walk home a couple miles with a big bucket of oranges, Cassava, Plantain, Firewood, etc. I don't know they do it.

This week we were working hard with Bro Eric, he seemed to be gaining a testimony of the message we had to share. But when it came to visiting the church he made up excuses of why he didn't come.

As well we were teaching Bro. Shaibu, he's a muslim but was really interested in the message we had to share.  But he had to help them build a house or something on Sunday so he wasn't able to visit the church either. But ya with his religion and everything it will probably be a very hard switch.

Love you

Elder Adair

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