Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 10 2013

Hey that's awesome he's back now. That would have been hard to learn a
language haha.
Yes, Sis Camille Boyce has been emailing me a few times so it sounds
like she's doing well.
I can't wait to see Bro Mitch Davis though. I haven't heard from him
for a long time.

Mm let's just stick with the phone for Christmas. That'll be the easiest.

Yes I believe they've finished it today. I took a few pictures. Sorry
I'm afraid I'm probably going to cry when I get home because I don't
have too many pictures. Yikes.

Haha it's alright you don't have to keep sending journal entries from
our Great Grandpa. But he's got a very detailed journal, We have his
journal just at home?

It's interesting that in his journal he talked about his dream.
Because in Sunday School they learnt about Revelation a little bit
about Visits from Angels, Dreams, Visions, but usually you receive in
through the Holy Ghost.

This upcoming Friday is our Christmas Devotional, so that should be
fun. We're going to sing "We're Children Holding Hands Around the
World" for our zone haha. Elder and Sister Ivie are bringing a slide
show for pictures of us in the zone.

We tried to set up a home teaching system for the branch we are in,
but on Sunday I showed the Branch President an example of what he
might like and they said they'd have a meeting with the Relief Society
Pres. And Elder's Quorum Pres. and have them set up the people, but I
guess that works out. I wasn't sure if what I was doing was any good

We visited a few of the members who are being less active lately and
they came on Sunday so that was good to see.

As well we've been doing a lot of personal contacting, but I'm getting
reminded that it's a mistake, Working with the members is definitely
the way to go. Most of the people we pick up aren't very serious so it
doesn't go anywhere.

From study I liked a talk from Elder Bednar on Tithing about how it is
a chance to show Gratitude for the things that we already have, and
self control for things that we want to have.

He talked about how those that are grateful for the things that they
already have are satisfied and happy.

While those that are ungrateful for the things that they already have
and always want more are never satisfied and thus aren't happy.

Sis Augustina is a sweet lady we're teaching, she has a great love for
the gospel, and she is very quick at picking things up - I was
surprised. Anyways she had been coming for a couple months to church
in Asikuma and we were asked to go and teach them. We were mostly just
trying to teach her everything so she could be baptized, but this week
she didn't come to church so I guess that gave me a wake up call that
we also need to make sure she's truly gaining a testimony of the
things we are teaching.

Bro Francis is a 13 year old boy. He's a sweet kid, but he's super
shy. His two brothers, his sister, and his mother are all members, and
he's been coming for a couple months as well. But he learns slowly
slowly so we might have to slow down a bit for him.

Really this Thursday and Sunday will determine which way we go with them.

The Gospel is True

Love you

Elder Adair

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