Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DEC 31, 2013

It was good to hear your voices as well.
Haha you missed the game night? That's one of the funnest parties!
Sounds like a fun Nativity. I suppose we will be starting our own soon huh. Wow weird. The traditions of the past just keep going on.
I still haven't seen Nicky. Where's he at now? and where's Alec at? That's sweet they still come to the family parties.

Yes the converts have been staying active in Odoben so far. I'm still learning as a missionary though. Lot's to learn. Lately the Couple Missionary's have been challenging us to get our converts to the temple within 6 weeks after baptism. That's something I think will help a lot the converts staying active to the church and help them in keeping the commandments.
Now we're back to finding new investigators again. It's always a challenge ;).
So now they've sent Elder's to Asikuma. So we no longer have to take tro tro's to Asikuma. Elder Harris and Elder Brown are taking over and they are sweet Elders.
Now we'll be having District Meetings in Odoben on Tuesdays. Which will be sweet. Hopefully no more rides on the bumpiest 1 hour tro ride to Swedru.
It'll be strange being in Odoben all the time now though.
So far we've got 3 main people we're focusing on
Sister Evelyn - 18 yrs. Very very smart. probably one of the smartest Ghanains I've met. The thing is she seems to be viewing our teachings just as bible learning and not finding out for herself whether the message we are sharing is true.
BrotherEric - 18 yrs. He's a referal from a less active member. He has good potential. The last time we went his mother had sent him to do something. So tonight we'll find out if he's very serious or not.
Sister Vida - 40 or so. She doesn't speak English but her 2 daughters are recent converts. We taught her the message of the Restoration and she promised to visit the church, but then was "sick" when we came to pick her on Sunday. She hasn't really been trying to meet with us either. But because she's got family in the church we haven't given up yet.
Our lessons and everything has dropped a lot. I think it was because we had started going to Asikuma and now that we've dropped Asikuma we've got to pick things back up again in Odoben. It's a bit depressing when we report for the week our numbers though.
This Sunday we had a member feed us rice and stew. We had to wait an hour and then it took us like an hour and a half just to finish it.
Then Monday our Branch President wanted all the Odoben Elders to come eat at his house. So we Elder Loader, Elder Collins, Elder Adams, and I all went. They made us a huge bowl of Fufu with Peanut Butter Soup and Goat Meat. But we all finished it pretty easily.
I suppose it was because of the Christmas Holidays that all the members suddenly wanted to feed us. I'm actually glad that's over though because it uses a lot of our time. Well actually there's even one member we avoided and they'll probably have us another day... I forgot about that. Yikes.
Elder Loader is the New Elder in the Apartment. He's from California as well. He's a sweet guy. He likes exercise so apparently he's been making Elder Collins do a bunch of push ups at lunch time. He's been on the field for 4 and a half months. Seems like Elder Collins and him get along well though. Sadly I think he's picking up my eating habits because I've seen him eating plain loafs of bread. (Haha I'm starting to think that's part of the reason they've put me in Odoben because I'm fine with not eating too much food, and in Odoben there is not a lot of food choices available).
Elder Lee (from California) left to Moree in Cape Coast to be with Elder Oodoh, One of my old companions.
So yup there's a little update. Hope you all enjoy your New Years.
The Gospel is still true. Jesus really did come and die for our sins. And if we follow his commandments we will receive the peace and joy and the kingdom he has promised for each of us.
Elder Adair

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