Monday, January 6, 2014

Jan 6 2014

Hey mom,
Wow sweet Brandon will do a great job at Home Depot and with the schooling.
Nicky sent me an email about what he's up to. It was good to hear from him, sounds like he's doing well.
Yes it's nice to be District Leader again, it gives me a chance to learn how to teach better.
Sister Evelyn hasn't come back from her vacation for the school break. But we'll see next week I guess.
Bro Eric is still doing well, this week he had a family member who named their baby so he wasn't able to make it to church, but we are hoping for this coming week. He likes the teachings though and he keeps telling us that it is true. I'm not sure that he has quite understood that we mean that it is the only true church though. A lot will depend on if his member friend Sis Millicient will be serious as well.
Sister Vida likes the teachings but she's not really willing to sacrifice her time to learn. I think eventually in the future she will join the church, just because her daughter is very converted.
This week we went to farm with Elder Collins and Elder Loader to help their recent convert. So we some weeding with their macheties or cutlasses. Just for a couple hours though so it wasn't hard really. Then they made us some Plantain "Brahdi" with Kotumbre Froyeh - Green Leaf Stew. Apparently Sis Sarah was cooking the stew and just stook the oil and the plastic bag in together and just let the plastic bag melt in it. Elder Loader saw it but didn't tell us until afterwards. Haha and now he's sick. He's been running to the toilet a lot.
We did a lot of talking to people on the streets this week, A few lessons with members trying to strengthen their understanding of the gospel and helping them to do missionary work.
This week a lot of the members came to church for the new year. It was nice to see everyone to come. It gives you a bit of courage :). Brother Ivie came as well and he instructed the branch a bit about how they should sit together as families during sacrament meeting, as well he talking in Sunday School about them teaching the lessons in English. He explained that speaking Fante is fine if they are just planning on living in the village forever, but if they want to help themselves and go on to University and further their education they need to know how to speak English. He explained that by speaking in Fante they aren't doing themselves a favor. He also explained the importance of coming to church on time, and using the correct books for teaching and such.
Sister Georgina and Sister Ester started coming to church again so we've started reviewing Lesson 1, Lesson 2 and Lesson 3. Haha I'm giving you homework, do you know what those three lessons are? Those 3 Lessons are what we should be sharing with our friends. It helps them focus on the big picture of things.
They are both younger 15 and 14 so if they do continue to learn and keep their commitments then it will be probably a couple months or so before they will be baptized. We actually found out that their mother is actually a different person than we supposed her to be as well. So apparently Them and Sister Mavis (A member) are cousins rather than Step Sisters. Ghanains make it so confusing when they tell you who is their brother, sister, or father. Really they could just be meaning they are close to each other.
During study I was reviewing about teaching skills, kind of just gliding through them
 for example teaching in Unity. How you should be switching off with your companion every few minutes, how you should bear testimony of what your companion has shared, and when you aren't talking you should be paying attention to how the investigator is responding by his actions.
or teaching with a member. It strengthens the members testimony as well as giving support to those you are teaching by giving them a friend. Especially bringing recent converts, and if they are from the same old church it is even better.
teaching for understanding - If you just teach but in the end they don't understand you've wasted your time. So it's important to ask them what questions they have about what you've taught or to restate what they understood from what you taught them.
teaching from the scriptures - the prophets have asked us to teach from the scriptures. To do so we introduce the scripture's background info a little bit, read the verse together and explain words they might not understand, and then apply it to them for example if you read about baptism you would relate it to them and then promise them of the blessings that will come as they do so and then bear your own testimony about the blessings you've received as you've done so.
asking questions - Jesus Christ asked a lot of questions which made the people think and helped them apply what he taught. I'd written down how Sister Shulz talked about using What, How, and Why questions which help the investigators to apply what you're teaching them.
Soo yup there's a little bit about my week.
Love you
Elder Adair

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