Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29 2012

No way Emily is having twins? haha that'll be interesting to have twins in the family. Nobody
else has twins do they?  You're going to have no sleep for a year :P. Hey you
need to send more pictures to me now. My new area has faster computers so
the pictures upload fast.Well I'm doing well no worries.
Mm donuts.  
Oo Frightmares, Was Suzy scared at all? What would happen if you took her through the big people scary part?
Aha! Well thanks for the package, but you didn't put any note inside it? I was like what in the world? I have a package with no note on it and it was obviously sent from inside Ghana because there was no price tag on it. So Bishop Crosland is in Accra? What's he doing there?
The transfer is doing well, the first night I was pretty much terrified because I was in an apartment with nobody I knew, in a new area, and I was the one training. But it's been going well. Elder Shinasi is sweet and we work well together (I still need to learn how to shut up though, I'm still not very good with silence.. so during the lessons I just need to be quiet and hand it over to him).
Yes I bought meat last week. Now all I need to improve on is calcium.. and switching the food that I eat haha. I sure hope eating the same food everyday isn't going to make my life super short.
Anyways my time is already short love you
Elder Adair

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