Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22 2012

October 15 2012
I got my call to be a trainer last Wednesday so this Wednesday I'm moving to Secondi with my new companion whom I won't find out his name until I meet him. Elder Holder is staying here in Bakaano and will be with an Elder Williard from Illinois? 

Oh and Elder Kitchen got transferred here to Cape Coast but now I'm moving away. Maybe we won't run into each other much here. He got called to be a zone leader in Praso? I probably should know all the areas in Cape Coast but I still don't.

I'll probably get to see Elder Barnett at combined Zone meetings or maybe there will be a Combined Zone Activity sometime around. 

This week our Subsistence got raised from 140 to 180 Cedis. They found out that our diet was terrible here in Ghana and that we weren't getting the nutrients we need. Hello Meat here I come! Plus I'll get some more Fruits and Veggies. I'm excited.

I'm pretty sure you can use a site called dear elder to send me letters for free. I think it actually might even be faster as well because they print them off here. Elder Trevin Adair got some last week.  (Before I thought it costed money but he was telling me it was for free?)

October 22 2012
Umm our apartments water wasn't working. Luckily it rained once and we were able to use the rain water to take showers and flush the toilet. But our Dishes piled up quickly and so we had to start just eating bread so we didn't have to use any pans.
 Hey Em the week is going good, I haven't been able to watch conference
> yet. I think I actually might not get to watch it at all. But when the
> Liahona comes I'll read it. My companion is sweet! His name is Elder
> Shinasi from London. I'm suppose to be training him, but man he came
> pre-trained. He's teaching me stuff. He's a professional dancer and so
> I had him dance for some Ghanains the other day for a gospel
> conversation hahaha they were freaking out. He's a hard worker and he
> already knows all the lessons because he went out with the
> missionary's back in London a lot. He's a convert to the church, but
> he knows more scriptures then I do. He's getting use to the culture
> which is fun to see as he gets excited about how Ghetto it is, and
> back home he actually lived in the part of London where there were
> lots of Ghanain's, Nigerians, Sier Lionians (haha I don't know what to
> call them), but ya he knows the people already and loves them. He
> found out that I don't know how to cook pretty quickly. I feel bad..
> but I'm learning from the Nigerian in our house so hopefully soon he
> won't suffer so much with my bad cooking. My new area is called
> Secondi and we live in Adiembra and our proselyting area is Kweikuma.
> The weather is starting to get hot again, but it hasn't been to
> terrible yet.

> Youch sorry Jax, Haha poor kid didn't even know what was happening. I
> did that once here in Ghana, they hurt! That's good he's getting his
> calcium with the chocolate milk. Now I know that chocolate milk is one
> of the most healthiest things in the world compared to having no
> calcium :P.

> Sounds like the pregnancy is going well. I guess I'm kind of glad I'm
> all the way in Ghana :). Haha poor Tyson, he's not going to have any
> food. But I'm excited to have a new cousin and he's be to the exciting
> stage too. I'll have a 1 year old, 3 yr old, and a 5 year old! That's
> perfect.

> Nope, definitely not ever sleep again. Haha there was a member back in
> Cape Coast and she was washing her baby's clothes by hand everyday,
> and the baby's would keep her up all night. I'm not sure how she's
> surviving. In Ghana somehow they make the impossible work.

> Tyson you're in troubleeee. No email in 7 months? Tsk tsk tsk. Ha no
> it's fine, I'll see you in a short time. 2 years is nothing.

> Hey mom and Cherish forgot to email me this week. Good job Em you
> saved me from a no email week :).

> Soo I'm not sure what to tell you. Some of the funny things that
> happened this week.. Umm in our ward council meeting I met the bishop
> and he turned the time over to me and asked me what the missionaries
> needed, I started talking about how we know that we have the truth and
> that we've received the peace in this life and a place in the kingdom
> hereafter and how it's through the members that we can help those
> people find the truth, and then I asked the members who do they know
> who is searching for the truth, but just doesn't know where to find
> it. Annnd then they just started talking about something different and
> acted like I didn't say anything.. Haha I was surprised he didn't even
> say like we don't have time for that now or anything. But the ward is
> sweet and the bishop is a great guy so that wasn't anything to
> disrespect him. It just made me laugh.

> The ward missionary is awesome and he's sacrificed a couple of days to
> show around the area to who the last missionaries were teaching. We've
> got a few sweet people to teach already and we're just searching for
> more now. I feel like I make finding people too complicated.

> Umm.. I don't know if this fair to say. But it's too funny that I just
> have to share, I was showing my new companion a place to pee (It's
> just like a 4 sided wall with a hole that goes out the side to the
> gutter and you just pee there). Anyways instead of peeing out that
> hole, he saw a bucket in there and just peed in it. Sooo whoever is
> going to take their bath next is going to have a surprise...

> The power's been going out like everyday, just like normal.

> Ah Elder Shinasi is teaching me some dance moves for our exercise time
> (we're waking up at 6 woot woot). Right now I've been working on the
> cool handstand thingy.

> They've reduced the credit on our phones and so even though i've only
> been in the area a few days my credit has run out. So it'll be
> interesting setting up appointments with people and stuff.

> There's never a dull moment. Umm I found a new plant here that if you
> touch it it dies.. Kinda cool.

> And Elder Shanasi was getting excited about the fireflies here when
> the ward missionary started talking about some animal here that has
> like a proper flashlight on it's buttocks and they actually get pretty
> big like our dogs it sounded like. I've never heard of that animal
> before. Find out what it is for me because I want to know if it's
> real.

> We see Centipedes all the time in my new area. I never really saw them before.

> I'm still trying to get the hang of training. When it comes to study
> time I just follow the book haha poor Elder Shinasi I'm sure is bored
> out of his mind. I'm hoping to find Elder Barnett today and he can
> give me some tips about what to do. Elder Shinasi is so powerful
> already though it's hard to know what to teach him. I remember I was
> scared to just have gospel conversations, but Elder Shinasi has
> already done everything. The thing is I can't get a hold of Elder
> Barnett because we're out of credit.

> Elder Shinasi can sing as well. I remember the first hymn we sang for
> personal study I was in Awe as our voices combined. Man I love the
> English accent for singing as well.

> Aww the other day we went the whole day without eating lunch. I didn't
> even realize it until the end of the night when Elder Shinasi told me
> about it. Man I'm already killing him and he just got here. Luckily
> he's a tough guy.

> What else?? Umm my chapel is huge! It has an elevator in it! I was soo
> surprised. My companion is getting use to the fact that they don't
> speak English much though. Man the headaches come on when you can't
> understand people.

> We also stepped on our neighbor's water pipe on accident and it broke.
> It was spraying out water like crazy. Luckily our ward missionary is
> brilliant and was able to stop it with some tape and a polythene bag.
> And the Landowner came the next day and asked us about it. Luckily he
> was okay with it and just called the plumber in.

> I left a ton of stuff at my last apartment that now I'm wishing I had
> brought.. but once again no credit soo Oh well.

> Hey Elder Ayang (my MTC companion) Is in my district now and he's
> training someone as well. I'm excited for that, he's such a sweet guy.

> Sorry I'm just talking your ear off, but this email is for everyone
> since I didn't get an email from anyone else.

> Hmm.. Yup that's mostly all I can think of to say. The food's a little
> more expensive in my new area, but I don't think it'll be a problem.

> I feel like a know a little more Fante than I realized which is kind
> of fun. The Ghanains love it if you can speak any Fante at all.

> Hey Em maybe you can start proselyting with the missionaries now?
> haha. And finding people they can teach. They have missionaries in
> your area right?

> In sacrament they were talking about gossiping and how we need to be
> watching what we say about others. We need to find and talk about the
> good in others. I remember mom having that quote on the fridge and I
> loved that. We really should be looking to uplift one another. I know
> i've got a lot of work to do.

> Well Em I love you to death. I'm excited to get to sacrifice to come
> on a mission because I know I'll appreciate those little things back
> home a lot more. I think I'll be surprised when I actually have time
> to do things like cook food though haha.

> Hopefully one day after my mission I'll get to come back to Ghana. I'm
> going to miss this place.

> Love you all,

> Elder Adair

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