Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5th 2012

That's good advice about looking at people as they can become rather than what you see. I saw that talk when I went to midweek a couple weeks ago, but I left before they talked about it. I'm sure it would have been in Fante anyways though. My companion is getting use to not understanding anything at church.
But hey that reminds me, Yesterday I got to watch part of General Conference! Elder Hollands was powerful like usual, and I think the other was Dallan H Oaks? About the Family? Those were cool. I also loved L Tom Perry's letter to his mom haha I was totally crying during that part, his letter was perfect haha it was like it came straight from my mouth to you. Then Thomas S Monson about recording our blessings in our journals. That's something I want to improve on. I need to catch up on my journal from this past week. So far I've done well on writing in it everyday except for like the MTC I think. I don't know if that's advised to do one week at once, but it seems to work fine for me.
Mitch Davis, that guy. Man I miss him. But he's still keeping up with his recording studio? Sweet! I'll come home to a professional studio. Is he going to school right now for recording or he's just getting people by himself? He's a smart guy he'll probably get a business started all by himself. Haha I'm glad his brother still listens to my music as well.
Eh it's alright mom I can get good food here in Ghana. If I really wanted to I'm sure I could find a pizza place. Just make sure that you guys set up an account for me on Skype, in fact get on it right now and send me the details so I can be prepared to Skype you during Christmas.
The Dear Elder letters haven't come yet, but I'm in a farther area from the mission home now so letters will probably take twice as long. Err hmm.. I know Elder Shinasi got a couple letters though.. Give it a couple more weeks, if they don't come then you can just start sending them the normal way. How many letters have you sent through Dear Elder?

Soo hopefully I'll send you some pictures next week. But you're going to be disappointed because I haven't taken very many. You'll just get to see a couple of the people that we taught.
The week's been good, we've just been finding new people to teach and we've been having good success. I'm trying to figure out how I can work with the members better though. A lot of the people we've found through our own efforts and so they don't really have a friend in the church or anything yet.
Well I better start writing Cherish before my time runs out. Love you!
Elder Adair

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