Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1 2012

Hey mom,

Sorry about last week, I was just about to press send for my email when the power went out. My companion had already sent his email so I just decided to wait a week and let you guys worry over it :). I'm sorry it was mean.

I would send you the email that I had all typed up but it didn't save. Hey a draft just appeared.. Maybe it did decide to save? We'll see.

Haha I remember mom when you taught my Sunday school class and I was being a terrible example. I'm probably going to pay for it when I get to be a Sunbeam teacher. 

Everything is going well with my companion. He's keeping me entertained with his comic book knowledge. He loves to serve and has recently introduced me to banana pancakes, they are good! 

My companions parents names are Debbie and Mike Oviatt 

He doesn't remember his mom's number

Sorry it's kind of a short email. I love you. Everything's going well. Right now we're searching for new people to teach. Hopefully we'll get some new people this week cause I'm running out of ideas haha. Any finding tips from anyone back home? So far the main source of our investigators comes from talking with people on the street and member referrals.

Love,  Elder Adair Brady

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