Monday, September 3, 2012

3 September 2012

Hey mom sorry my time is almost up, I hope you and Cherish just feel
like I am writing to all of you guys when you get my emails.

Keep doing emails like this on what you're doing for the week I like it :)

The women carry a lot of things on their heads yes. Usually it will be
people that are selling like bread sandwichs and sometimes they are
fetching water but that is usually the kids that fetch it but yes they
carry it on their head.

Yes the women do a lot of sewing and they make really cool dresses. If
you want to get a dress cheap this is the place to be. They can make
any type of dress you want. Elder Barnett is having someone do a
couple Kente ties for him. Kente is like the fabric of Ghana.
Apparently they really respect you if you wear Kente. I think the men
usually do men's clothing and then the women do women's clothing.

Mm a couple people we teach at their homes, a couple at their shops, a
couple on the streets, just wherever really. As long as we can sit

It's true we usually teach men because the older women speak Fante and
the women our age usually want to flirt. So usually the women we teach
are member referalls. There are a couple sister missionaries but they
are in Abura. They don't send white sister missionaries here, I'm not
sure why. I'm sure they have good reasons, but I just haven't heard

I'd say yes the men are just as interested to hear the gospel as the women.

One thing I wonder about is how to form a better relationship with the
members, I wonder sometimes if I'm too focused on having a lesson to
teach than focusing on how effective that lesson will be. I think
learning to be a missionary is a life time thing because it seems like
you mostly have to figure it out for your own, people can tell you
what to do but different people can do different things better.

Anyways my times up

Love you mom and dad

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