Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27 2012

Haha I have heard that Ghana has gold mines as well, but I think their
government is just super corrupt. Because Ghana has Cocoa beans as
well so really they should be doing really quite well, but you don't
even see the Ghanain chocolate here, but apparently it's one of the
best chocolate's you can get in the world. So ya I haven't seen any
gold. I'll let you know when I'm coming home if I find any haha.

Sweet, I'm excited to have chickens when I get home. Maybe I'll teach
you how to kill a chicken when I get home. My companion is thinking
about getting one for his birthday this coming Saturday, but he's
probably getting transferred out of the area so we'll see on Saturday
what happens I guess. I'll probably get the call on Wednesday or so if
I'm becoming a trainer so we'll kind of be able to tell if he's
staying or leaving. There's 16 new missionaries coming so it's pretty
likely that I'm going to train.

I'm so lucky for all the support that I have back home. There's a lot of
strength knowing that there are people behind you. It had to have been
hard for Moroni when he was by himself, but I suppose he was
remembering all those who had gone before him and who would come after

It's good to hear from you
Love you

Elder Adair

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