Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10 2012

Soo mom I guess I'll start with your email today and then go to Cherish's
email. Last time I think yours was too short haha.

Yup, my companion is from Kaysville, he knows Brook Baird, Courtney
Tribe and mostly Makayla Peterson. Maybe I could get his parents
number and you can go say hello.

The washing hasn't started yet, I have 2 more shirts and then I'll
have to wash. Luckily Elder Saili has a washer, we haven't used it
since I moved into the apartment. Apparently it isn't that good.. but
hopefully it will be good enough haha. Today I had to wash my mosquito
net and my hands were killing me by the time I rung it out. Haha if it
comes down to washing by hand I'll probably use Elder Jacksons method
to keep my hands alive. Or I'll have Elder Trevin Adair teach me how
to do it, he says he can do it in one hour without having his hands
bleed.. but he's pretty strong.. so that's probably why he hasn't said
anything about his hands killing him afterwards haha.

I totally forgot to give Elder Barnett a goodbye hug! I got in the
taxi and it started to drive off.. and then it was too late. Luckily
I'll see him tomorrow. There's going to be a mission conference
tomorrow where all the missionaries in Cape Coast Mission will get
together. Oh funny story. Elder Barnett forgot to pick up his key to
his new apartment and so he was about to sleep ourside his apartment
with his new companion (poor guy, but it always happens that their is
an adventure for the new missionaries), anyways the bishop came and
just broke down the door. I guess that's how they fix problems here.
Pretty sweet if you ask me.

My stomach is doing well now that I've stopped the oil. It hurt on
Monday and Tuesday because we had a few FM's (free meals) when Elder
Barnett was leaving, and they put a lot of oil in all the food here.

I'm sad I missed that Musical that Racheal was in, it sounds awesome.
Hopefully someone recorded it. Right right? Because you guys always
remember me and how I'm not there to see it so I need a recording?
Right?? ;)

Haha Sorry Sarah, college homework takes a little while to get use to.
It gets better. I think.

Ya that verse of being guided by the Spirit always confuses me haha. I
just remember the saying "pray as if everything depends on god, work
as if everything depends on you". But ya it's definitely new having to
make the plans for the day and taking my companion to the
appointments. I'm glad I got to do it with a more experienced
missionary before training though. I feel a lot more confident that I
can train a new missionary now. Before I was kind of wondering what it
would be like once Elder Barnett left.

This week Daniel and Lawrence didn't come to church. It's been sad
because they were doing so well, and now Daniel keeps coming up with
excuses for not coming to church (he'll come to Institute and come sit
in with the lessons though), I'm starting to think it's a money issue
that he doesn't want to talk about. We talked to him about it and he
said he only gets 5 Cedis a week from his dad (which sounded kind of
weird though because that definitely isn't enough for food each week).
Lawrence we haven't been able to get a hold of. I don't know what
happened. I think it started when we talked about repentance and we
talked about making restitution or doing all that you can to make the
fault right again. He talked about what if he didn't have the money to
repay the person and the person got mad and threw him into jail. Money
money money. The problems always seem to come with not having enough
money. It makes you want to help out, but then if you help one person
you have to help them all...

We had a lesson the other day with a guy and he talked about how he
wanted to come to church, but he needed Sunday to work and he couldn't
just go a day without food to come to church and then be starving when
he went back to work and not have enough strength to do the work. That
was a hard lesson for me to teach about the Sabbath day. We challenged
him to keep the sabbath day holy and realize that god can only bless
you if you keep his commandments first. I'm not sure if that was what
I should have said though, what do you guys think?

Well I better start Cherish's email before I run out of time

Love you mom and fam

Elder Adair

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