Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17 2012

I've heard that they have honey farms here as well, but I haven't seen
it. The only one I can find is the expensive one from back home. None
of the missionaries seem to have seen it either, maybe it's out of the

Nope no elephants, I'm pretty sure Elder Rogers told me they don't
even have Elephants at the zoo here. (The zoo isn't too great either
from what I hear haha, which is strange because I thought Africa would
be the place to be for a zoo)

Sweet! Does Adam take off for his mission this Wednesday? I'm glad he got my
letter. He sent me his email in letter form because it was taking me
so long to write so I was wondering if he got my letter.

Ya Adam was doing those night shifts when I was home even. I don't know
how he did it, but I'm sure he'll be super happy when he gets to sleep
from 10:30 to 6:30 now. It's actually been easier then I thought. The
only time I've messed up is when I'm rushing for bed or my alarm
wasn't set in the morning (which I'm with Elder Saili and Elder Adair
as well so their alarms ring like 5 times before we wake up now haha.)

The companionship is going well, We are working on switching off in
the lessons though - I talk too much. Which surprises me because I
thought I'd not be talking enough. Elder Holder is a funny guy and he
makes people feel comfortable quickly. His first name is Seku, how
cool is that?

I got to give Elder Barnett a hug at the mission conference. I'll
forward the picture of our mission conference to you. I'm standing
next to my companion in the picture and you can see Elder Barnett and
his companion below me with the red and black ties with arms around
each other.

Ya the week went better. At church I was worried because no one was
showing up again. But in the last 10 minutes of sacrament meeting
Daniel, Lawrence, Erik, Echo, and Francisca showed up. I was so
excited. But once again it's only one week and it will take time to

Ebenezer is still doing awesome. He's a powerful recent convert. He's
always calling the other guys his age to come to church and he comes
and teaches with us.

Selima and Racheal are doing well as well. Racheal is still waiting
for her test scores and she might be going to a boarding school at
Mafansiman, but luckily if she does they have Seminary and she has a
good friend who is a strong member there as well. Selima is staying at
home going to school.

Josephine didn't come because she was washing her clothes.. Lame
excuse, but she's going to Institute now and she's been coming for
like the past month.

I'm not having to go to the bathroom as often. Well.. except in the
mornings I always have to go once during personal study and then once
during companion study haha. I think it's cuz I drink more water in
the morning though so I don't have to be going throughout the day with

My week has been intense. We've had mission conference, apartment
checks, a baptism confusion, and one of the less actives that we teach
had a baby recently and had a C section but apparently they didn't sew
it up to well because it opened back up. So yesterday she got rushed
back to the hospital and we went and visited her. There were no
doctors at the hospital and the doctor wouldn't come until today
(Monday). But she was really worried that she was going to die and we
just kept telling her it was going to be ok and she wasn't going to
die. At the same time I was holding my breath because here in Ghana
people do seem to die a lot.. We're hoping she's okay. This is one of
the reasons I'm glad I don't actually live in Ghana though. It was
good to at least be there to give her a blessing and comfort her
though. I almost fainted as well, the room started spinning so I
started to sit down on the floor but they had me sit on the bed, the
next thing I knew Charlotte and my companion were talking to me and I
couldn't hear anything they were saying. They sent Josephine to get me
some water and soon after I was feeling better. I think it was because
the room smelt bad because of the water that was coming out of
Charlotte's stomach and just the fact that it was hot in the room as
well. I was surprised because I had just drank water a little while
before though.

I was just adding to the worry I guess.

Mmm random info

I wrote a song today for Elder Barnett, because when he left he took
Monopoly Deal but he got a new one from back home and he told our
apartment we had to make it somehow worth it haha. It actually turned
out kind of fun I liked it. So I'll send him a memory card with it on
it so he can listen and then he'll just have to send it back. Sorry I
haven't sent you guys any pictures still :P. But it's alright because
I don't really have any cool pictures anyways.

Mmm I was talking with Elder Trevin Adair, apparently our last name
came from a bounty hunter who lived in Ireland apparently. He changed
his name to Adair when he got caught and he hid somewhere in Ireland.

Music! Hey I can listen to stuff like Kenneth Cope and EFY cd's now.
I'm excited but I'll probably never listen to it anyways. We have one
Elder in our apartment who only has a few songs but he listens to them
over and over again haha it's only been a week and I know his whole
playlist - Not that I have anything against him haha. Soo ya I
probably won't start listening to music really. Plus there's hardly
any time to listen to it anyways.

I think my time is almost up. My computer says I still have all of my time left.

Random thing I was thinking about today -

Just like the saying "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a
man to fish, feed him forever". I was thinking about how as us as
missionaries we could feed one person spiritually for one day, but
really we are there to teach these people how to fish spiritually so
they can feed themselves forever.

Love you all

Elder Adair

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