Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 11 2012

This weeks news um.. What did I do this week. At church we had 4 investigators. A lot of the ward didn't show up :(. We are trying to switch to a closer building that people can walk to. People are having a hard time paying for the transport to church. It sounds like it's going to be quite a while before we can switch to a different building as well. I still don't know how they live off their income.

Ya, I should have taken the time to talk with Elder Sam Kitchen a bit more because I'm probably not going to see him for a long time now. Oh well too late.

I can tell you about the things I'm improving on (You can't laugh because I know I'm not that amazing of a missionary)

1. I'm trying to walk faster than my companion. He says that he's always turning around waiting for me to catch up. (My excuse is that my legs are short, and his are long :P)

2. When I get to people's houses saying "Kokoko" which is basically like knocking on someone's door except you just say it.).

3. Talking in PEC meetings, I always have my companion talk about how the investigators are doing and what they need. (I've found out that really I just need to start thinking about my whole day ahead of me, because really I can do it if I just start thinking about what our investigators need ahead of time)

4. Doing gospel conversations before the very end of the night. (I always do them on our way back home, it works but it doesn't really allow for very good conversations. I just more invite random people to come to church.)

There is a bunch more but my time is up.

Aww you guys get to see Emily again? You guys aren't suppose to see her until I get to see her as well haha. It feels like she's been living in Texas forever though. I guess it's probably just cause she's been living away from home for quite a while now.

Teaching is going well. I'm going to be with my companion for another 9 weeks! Yay.

How have the lagoon passes been? Do you guys go very often? What are you guys going to do when Emily comes down?

Anyways Love you

Elder Adair

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