Sunday, April 15, 2012

Email April 9, 2012

HI All,

Haha you can tell that I lost weight? Ya I'm still figuring out how to eat good. I think I'm gonna eat an orange every day which is 10 peswes. Or a banana, but the bananas are kind of small.

I think I'm going to try making Okra Stew & Banku. It's got onions, tomatoes, egg plant, red oil, okra, and i think that's it. Then you eat it with Banku. I think that would be healthy for me, plus it's pretty good.

Ya the only food that worries me is the Ku Tum Brei (Just so you know I don't know how to spell any of these words, and my pronounciation of them is probably wrong too haha) with Yam. (I don't know why I don't like Yam, it's basically like a potato but for some reason I don't like it)

I can probably record me and my companion doing the handshake. But since I'm out of the MTC I won't be able to record the Ghanaians singing. (You should check the MTC presidents blog if he has one, i know he recorded us singing one time)

Where's Emily moving to? Yes you should take pictures of you with the alligators for when i get home.

Haha that's awesome. You'll have to tell me how that works with the Chickens. I've never seen someone do that back home besides Casey. Did she get you into that? How long does it take before you'll start getting eggs? Oh I guess Courtney does that too.

Um i got a click lighter so I shouldn't need matches anymore. I'm hoping once it runs out that the spark will light it.

But that's awesome, will Brandon still be in the Neighborhood then? The guy next to the Smiths? He's still enjoying that other job? Sounds like a nice job.

I'm not really desperate for anything yet :P. My companion gets loads of candy from his parents back home, and he always shares it with me haha (This isn't encouragement for you to do the same, because I know that he could buy it here cheaper. He just feels better that he's not the one spending the money hahah)

The washer basically just spins in a circle one way for a few seconds and then turns back the other way. It doesn't look like it would do much, but my clothes smell good when they are done! That's a good sign haha. And then the dryer part is basically the thing as the one at the Recreation Center back home. It just spin drys it. Then I hang my stuff up and it's dry by the next day. (The spin dry is actually what I like the most. It takes forever to ring out the clothes, plus they usually aren't dry the next day if you ring them out by hand). He spent like 300 ghana cedis. Which is like 200 dollars. But I think it's kinda smart cuz I'm sure people will pay him to use it, and since he's only been out 4 months now it will be helpful for his whole mission.

I don't know if it's the Humidity or just the fact that the clouds just spread out so it's just white.

For Easter we proselyted like normal. But today we're doing a FHE, which will be like back home. A game, A spiritual thought, and food.

On Sunday I eat breakfast, go to a meeting about how the area is doing, go to church where they speak Fante and I can't understand the whole meeting. Sometimes the investigator class will be in English which is nice haha. The investigators are always so confused that we can't even understand.

I've just had to bear my testimony once in sacrament meeting. Haha funny thing, the speakers are so fuzzy that you can hardly hear what the people are saying up on the stand. It's like they have too much bass and no treble.

Ya my companions awesome. I was kinda worried at first that he had only been out for 3 months and was going to train me, but he's really organized. Haha I'm still worried about when I'm going to train. I feel bad for the kid that I train. I'm not organized at all. I wish I had taken like a leadership class or something to be better prepared for that part.

My companion is like.. Uh. I don't know. He's obedient and he works hard. That's all I can really say. I don't talk too much so I'm sure he's sick of hearing his own voice though haha. I don't know what his family is like really. He has two brothers I think, One is a member. Then 3 Sisters? I'm second guessing myself now. His parents are seperated but he lives like 40 minutes from each of them back home.

Mm. Talking isn't really the problem. They can't understand my accent. So I'm pretty sure they just nod and act like they know what I'm saying. Then when I ask a question they usually ask my companion what I"m saying haha.

Mm the mission is kind of what I expected yes. I still feel far to young, but oh well I"ll just do the best I can. If they thought it was too early then I'm pretty sure the leaders would have figured out by now that 19 is too young.

Nope, people to find to teach are easy. We don't even go door to door. You can talk to people on the street and they'll give you time to talk to them. I haven't had anybody yell at me or be rude yet.

The only missionaries that have cars are the Assistants and the mm Supply dude. They both live by me, and the assistants will usually drive us into town so we don't have to pay the taxi which is nice.

And Yes I could upload them on the computer and send them. The problem is that these computers are super slow and I probably wouldn't be able to send you any reply messages if I did that. I'm gonna try and send my memory card home today though, it should probably take 2 weeks to get to you. The problem is that I've heard sometimes the memory gets wiped out. But oh well. Might as well try.

Fufu to me, tastes like spagetti. I've only had light soup with it though. The other day I had a soup that tasted like peanut butter. Usually it's light soup which tastes like spagetti sauce to me. Then it's basically like a ball of bread dough that you scoup up and get some soup in. Then you swallow it whole. I think the closest thing you could make to it would be mashing a potato and a banana with water (which would make the dough.) And then makes a soup with water, tomatoes, onions, some hot pepper, and oil.

I ran out of time on the computer!

Love you!

-Elder Adair

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