Thursday, June 27, 2013

June 27 2013

Haha first of the explanation of why I didn't email yesterday - Normally we have District Meetings on Tuesday and it's in Swedru so we take a Van (Tro tro) to there from Odoben.
But this week we had a Mission conference today and the whole mission came together soo no District Meeting, Thus why it's Wednesday and I'm emailing late at night. (Because we had our Conference in Abura/ Cape Coast and now are traveling back for the night).
Yup we got our water pouches from the Branch President.
I'm no longer a District Leader. Just a normal missionary for now.
That Book of Mormon reading sounds like a wonderful idea, but Odoben is Full of Fante speakers who don't read English or Fante for that matter.. Soo it's a bit difficult :P.
Uh huh the packages have come! I got the two from you with the MnMs, Jerky, and Money, and the one from the ward with the calendar and candy.
Grandma's never came though.
The MnM's were gone with in a couple days, I felt a little sick, but I couldn't resist.
Sweet I'll enjoy the birthday package.
What's Brandon doing these days? Is he still working at the Hospital? Any Friends he's been going out with?
For me this week we have a baptism coming up on Saturday
His name is Bro Kobbie and he's friends with a ward member. He can speak English very well, but for some reason can't read English. But he's been coming to church each week and feels that the message is true. He's 21.
On Monday we went to farm at Bro Kwesi's (Recent Convert), and I was worn out within chopping a few weeds with the cutlass. But I enjoyed the cocoa and the oranges. Also a boy we were with climbed a huge coconut tree (I don't know how big they get but this one had to be 100 feet or so) and threw us down some coconuts, I think the first coconut I had in Cape Coast just wasn't good because I like them now.
During the week we were just teaching
We're teaching a boy named Bro Robert, He is basically losing his faith in Christ and so we've just been helping him build his faith again. He has a sickness that he wants to be healed but it just won't go away. We taught him the Plan of Salvation which was completely different from his belief as a Jehovah's witness, but I think it was helping him understand more about why he isn't just being instantly healed from his sickness.
We're also teaching Bro Martin who was also suppose to be baptized this week, but he didn't come to church because of stomach pain. Also we don't want to baptize him until he finds a job and knows that he is staying in Odoben because otherwise he'll move and become less active.
Bro Martin's brother, Bro. Emmanuel came for his second time this Sunday. It was funny because we didn't know they were brothers until he started coming to church (they live in different homes), but he's progressing quickly as well and likes the church.
We taught a few other people such as Sis Lizzy who's friends with a member, but doesn't really want to change from her church. Sis Ernestina who doesn't really want to meet with us but came to a district conference a few weeks back, she's friends with a member. Gifty whom we started teaching, but then found out the other missionaries were also starting to teach her at the same time.. haha funny situation. She was confused that we weren't the same missionaries. Napoleon who we taught a couple times, but his understanding wasn't that great so we've decided to move on. Bro Ali who we taught once because his brother kept telling us to teach him, but he wasn't there when we set a return appointment. Then finally Sister Ester who is Bro Kobbie's (the one being baptized) friend, but sadly she's moving to Swedru for schooling now.. So no luck.
but there's a little bit about the week.
The companionship is going well and the area is good.
Also finally Elder Shinasi told me this morning that it's official that we can email friends now and even we can use internet for a little over an hour. So that's cool.
Well Love you mom! Talk to you next Tuesday
Elder Brady Adair

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