Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 18 2013

The 2 ten dollar bills and the beef Jerky haven't come yet. If it doesn't come don't worry too much. The mailing system isn't too safe.
I never received the money from grandma either.
If you want to send a package. Just fill it with chocolate :).
I have electricity. But as usual it will go out a few times during the day. But electricity doesn't bother me at all. There's not much we use it for.
We have a well outside our apartment that we fetch water to bathe. And when it rains our tank fills up and we can get it from the pipes.
Mm Ghana has a lot of Beautiful plants so I would say it always looks pretty. It's just that garbage is always thrown on the ground and in the gutters.
Yes the place is poor, Ghana in general is poor though.

The people are responding well. Right now we're hoping for Brother Martin and Brother Kobbie to be baptized on the 29th. With Bro Martin we need to help him find a small job so that he can continue living in the area, and with Bro Kobbie we're just finishing up the lessons mostly.
This week we did a lot of contacting and received 8 new investigators
Bro Kwesi's parents
Bro Robert
Bro Napoleon
Bro Emmanuel (He's friends with Bro Martin and came to church)
Sis Lizzy
Bro Joshua
Sis ? I forgot her name. But she was a referal from the ward mission leader.
So the food we cook the water is always boiled. And I have a bottle that I drink out of that filters the water so it is clean. We've talked with the Zone Leaders and our District President about it and they're going to buy us water Sachets to drink pure water.
As for the emailing on Tuesday my companion told me that the Mission President said it was alright for us to email on Tuesday because of the area we are living in. But I will write him in my next President's letter to make sure it is okay.
Even today I was going to buy some food because I can't find it in my area.. but I don't know if I should be doing that either.

Mm for King's in Ghana I'm not really sure what they do. But yes most places have a King in different area's of Ghana. They seem more just like a Governor or something. So yes the place I am in Odoben has a King, but when I met him he doesn't speak English soo it doesn't seem like he'd really do much.
Thanks for asking Dave and Shawn I'll start trying those things out.
Soo yup as for the area I think we're doing well.
We've got to work on starting to have PEC with the Branch Pres. and Ward coordination with the Branch Mission Leader.
I don't know if I told you that the Branch has 600 members but only like 100 are active.
On the First Sunday of the Year 400 members came. Then the next week it dropped back down.. Haha that goes to show how important it is here to go to church to show god you're thankful for living another year on that first week.
Well I love you mom
And Happy Father's Day Dad!
Dang I forgot to give your letter to my district leader.. Sorry I'm not very up to date on Holidays over here. But you are the sweetest dad ever! Maybe I can get it to them somehow before I go back to my area.

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