Monday, May 6, 2013

6 May 2013

Hey today is going to be another short email. I'm not really that busy, and I'm district leader soo not too much responsibility really.
Soo I'll call you on Sunday at 7 in the evening. Soo whatever time that is over there.
I'm good, I'm in the same area. It's called Adiembra.
My companion is doing well.
With the area we had Pres. Shulz come do interviews this week.
Umm.. We'll have a baptism coming this week.
We watched General Conference yesterday, but I didn't get to see to much of it because we were making sure the baptismal interview happened.
Part of my responsibility as District Leader is I get to go on splits with other missionaries in my district. I went with Elder Ntzie this week from South Africa, he's only been out a couple months but he's a powerful missionary so it was fun to teach with him in his area.
Well I guess thats all I'll say. I've got to go.
Love you family
I'll talk to you Sunday
Elder Adair

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