Monday, April 29, 2013

29 April 2013

Hey mom I only have a quick 9 minutes to reply to your emails, but I'm doing well so don't worry. Just expect on and off emails for a little while, Haha I'll explain when I come home.

Thanks for that talk by Elder Holland, I wish every missionary could hear that talk before he goes out.

That's good to hear the twins are healthy. And Lydia is a common Ghanaian name soo that's kind of cool.

Thanks Grandma for the email, Don't worry I know I've got the best grandparents in the world. Sorry I'll try to reply when I can.

We'll have a baptism in the coming month, Her name is Evelyn. She's the step mother of Shem (12) that we recently baptized.

Well hope everything is sweet back home. Sorry once again for the short emails. Just give it a couple months and it should return back to normal.

Love you

Elder Brady Adair

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