Monday, May 13, 2013

13 May 2013

Sorry last night I thought I had a vodafone chip for calling home, but when I got home I couldn't find it. And it was Sunday so I couldn't buy a chip. So today I'm going to buy one and call you guys at seven. I'll call quick after I'm finished emailing to let you know as well. Sorry.
My companion is going to call home today as well.
I haven't gotten any of the packages yet, but i'll let you know when they come.
Don't worry yourself too much about the missionary opportunity. I guess I forget that in Utah everybody is Lds, and so it's not as easy as it is here.
Soo today I have a full hour emailing :). Yay.
This week we had a baptism, Sister Evelyn. She really loves the church, and she wants to help her husband join. She's a really sweet lady and she's just been coming with her daughter in law.
Mm we also found a less active member who hasn't been coming, we taught him a couple times and then he disappeared. Hopefully we'll see him again.
On Tuesday we went on splits and I got to go with my zone leader Elder Weaver to his area. He's a good missionary and so it was nice to learn from him. There was a member that made our District (8 missionaries) some nice Fufu with Nketenkwan (Peanut Butter Soup).
On Wednesday we didn't get to teach anyone, but we had a baptism in the evening which went well.
Thursday we visited Anita and her family and just did some small service. We were teaching her but her mom didn't want her to get baptized and told her she would be kicked out of the house if she was baptized. We also saw Lot and just taught him quickily about the law of chastity which surprised him but he agreed to live it. I also got to meet the less active my companion had met on Tuesday when we were on splits, and we taught him (Charles) about Charity. Then everyone else cancelled.
Friday we saw Charles and taught him about forgiveness, we saw a girl named Linda and taught her again about the Godhead because she didn't understand the first time. We saw a couple mothers Hannah and Beatrice and just taught them small about prayer. And finally we just saw a couple members. One to get visiting teachers for Evelyn and one to just get her to help with missionary work and pray for some people we're teaching.
On Saturday we only saw Lot again and we taught him Word of Wisdom. Once again he was surprised about not drinking any alcohol, but agreed to living it. The rest of the day the appointments cancelled.
Sunday Evelyn was confirmed. After church we saw her quickly and just taught about enduring to the end. We saw Patience and went over Sabbath day a bit more with her. With Patience she has two jobs that just take up a lot of time and she's never free on Sundays, but she's trying to shift her schedule to have Sundays free. We also saw Joana whom I was teaching like 7 months ago but her work got to busy as well, now she has Sundays off so we're hoping to help her come to the church again. Finally we went to see Lizy who has come to church twice but went on vacation for a couple of weeks somewhere and now has come back. She seems to really like the church but her husband wants to be baptized with her soo we're hoping to start teaching him on Tuesday. At this point it was 7 and I was suppose to call home, but we still needed to hit our gospel conversations goal for the week. Soo we started finishing them but then it was 7:30 and I just decided I better call. But then I found that I didn't have a vodafone chip. We went home and looked for it but couldn't find it. And the members next door were sleeping. Soo I figured I'd call today (Monday).
Sorry you guys waited and waited for me.
Soo tonight the missionaries are invited to some party in Takoradi for mothers day. I'm confused about what's going on, but I'll go with the flow I guess.
Well the church is true, thanks again for the example you are to me mom.
I hope you had a wonderful mothers day.
I wish I could give you a hug for mothers day, but it'll just have to wait a little longer.
Thanks for being so loving to us in the family. Thanks for the sleepless nights to make sure we came home safe, thanks for the time one on one going out to eat.
Thanks for still loving us when we were stubborn.
Thanks for paying for the piano, guitar, and voice lessons.
Thanks for the wonderful food you cooked.
Thanks for the support and encouragement.
You are the best mother in the world
Elder Adair

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