Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 1 2013

Uh Huh Thanks for letting me know when Mother's Day is :) I probably wouldn't have found out until the day.
I've only got short time to email today, but yes I got dad's letter 

Sorry to here Jaxon was sick. That's the biggest thing they're always telling us is to drink water here. Water is the miracle drug. The most severe sicknesses missionaries get are solved by drinking water.

The weather sounds nice over there though. Those bike rides were always the best.

Mm China Platter. 

Mm this week we've been searching for new investigators

There's a couple we've been teaching with a baby and the father is understanding really well and wants to come to the church but has work on Sundays. His wife was doing really well until we came to the Book of Mormon and people around her area have been telling her that it was a book we made up.. So we're just working with that one

Then there's a girl that's a Sister to a recent convert we've been teaching, but her mom keeps sending her in the morning on Sunday's so she isn't able to come to church. The hardest thing about older people is that they don't speak English.. Soo it doesn't help.

There's also a lady named Vida who is mostly scared to leave her church, but I'm thinking that with time she'll join the church. We'll see.

Finally Anita who committed to a baptismal date, but isn't being serious. She told us her parents were making it so she couldn't come to church.. But we later found that her mom was practically encouraging her to come. Soo we've decided to leave her alone until she decides to be serious and tell us the truth.

But they are the main ones. Oh and there's a lady named Evelyn that came to church this Sunday who's Sisters to a recent convert. She seemed like she wants to learn so we will find out this week. 

Today was a bad Sunday for Recent Converts though. Only Emmanuel and Regina came which was sad

Anyways time up

Love you

Elder Brady Adair

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