Saturday, March 30, 2013

25 March 2013

Hey mom,

Good to hear Cherish is doing well :P

Sorry Emily :P Don't worry next month you will have no sleep and have 3 kids to deal with :) Hehehehe, and I'll get to see them when they start talking. Sweetio.

Oo ya I liked that talk on the temple. And it's true there are always things we can improve on.

Mm I don't need new pants or shirts. I can get a nice shirt for 4 dollars here anyways. Soo expenses are cheap here.

For P-days this is the usual- 
Wake up. Soak my clothes. Do my clean up job (Dining Room, Kitchen, Bathrooms and Showers, or Sweeping and Mopping the Hallway), Sweep my room, Sweep the study room, Eat Breakfast, Wash all my white shirts, my undergarments, bedsheets, pants, socks etc. Then I shower, shave, Iron my shirt, Polish my shoes, If we're lucky we get to do devotional for 30 minutes (I'm still not sure if that's a requirement), Then I email for an hour while eating a loaf of bread :), Go shopping, Come home and eat dinner and while eating I might be able to write a letter. Then we head out for FHE. 

But Luckily Elder Oodoh and I bought a huge bag of rice and a huge box of chicken soo that covers most of the travel time to takoradi for shopping for the month rather than going week to week, and we can just shop at the local shops by our house. Soo today we were able to do some service for a member and I had about an hour still to write a letter.

Cape Coast is about an hour away by car. It's really not far at all. It's more just bad roads.

Cape Coast is like 3 hours from Accra I think? Once again it's the bad roads, not the distance that makes it take that long.

Being District Leader hasn't been that difficult really. It's basically just like being a normal missionary, except I need to teach the instructions in District Meeting soo I just have to use up my study time preparing.

The more difficult ones are being a Trainer and Zone Leader. But I've started getting more of a hang of the missionary life soo it's not that difficult. The hardest part are the first 3 months and then for me the shock of training for the first month or so.

Ya I'll let Elder Oodoh know. He's been a great companion to be with. He's taught me a lot about working with members more effectively, and a lot of other parts of the work. 

For Mother's day I think I'm just going to use a phone, because that was the best internet connection around here that I used on Christmas. 

When is Mother's day though?

Hey by the way can you send an email to Adam Creager asking if he ever got my letter? He hasn't emailed me back and I sent it quite a while ago. Tell him I'm sorry I can't email him, but I can only write him letters. Tell him to continue emailing me though because I can read his emails.

But don't stress about who's emailing me haha, mostly the emailing is just for you.

Sorry you got the email late tonight, it was power out.

The mission is going well and the gospel is true. 

I've been learning a lot about Charity lately, my companion likes to remind me a lot about it. But it's true that as you become Humble as a child and apply the principles of the gospel, your burdens become a lot lighter. I don't know if you guys have the Preach My Gospel Manual back at home, but if you study the Christlike Attribute section and then give yourself a few things throughout your week that you would like to improve on in that area. It's cool to see it make changes in your life.

Well I got to go Love you

Elder Brady Adair

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