Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 4 2013

Hey I'm not sure if you went on vacation or where you went?

Grandma sent me an email saying I didn't have time to read emails? I don't know if I said something that made you think I don't have time to read emails?

This is week 3 of no email? You doing alright?

Soo This week I found out that Elder Shinasi is moving to Swedru and is white washing the area with Elder Randall. 

My new companion is Elder Oddo from Nigeria, so I'll get to meet him this Wednesday. We're staying in Kweikuma.

We're still striving to find new investigators. We're back to the point where no new people are coming to church and we aren't sure why. We're thinking we need to step it up with the members. And we've been slacking on teaching about promises soo we'll try that as well.

I'm really still not sure what to write in these emails. What do you guys want to hear about?

We did a FHE on Monday and the guy decided he didn't want us to read from the Book of Mormon and he just wants to read from the bible.. Silly silly

We taught about keeping our covenants to a recent convert who was struggling and it seemed to help out ( I'm still wondering if we're baptizing them too early though) 

On Tuesday We taught a guy who was taking off to school but he said he'd visit on Sunday (didn't happen)

We taught Suzy but we'd forgot to leave her with something to read soo that didn't help much with her keeping her commitments. She might be potential, or might not.

Anyways at the end of the week no one came to church except someone brought their sister whom wasn't a member and we'd never met. Hopefully she turns out to be serious soo that was kind of exciting.

A couple spot lights for the week:

Isaac has been reading the Book of Mormon and really feels that it's true and wasn't written by men's wisdom but by the inspiration of god. It was cool to see him reading it and applying it to his life.

We met a nice couple that have been keeping their commitments and although we have just started they seem to be gaining a testimony of what we shared.

Also during the week after district leader training I got to go out with a guy who was struggling with his companion and it was just nice to comfort him a bit and let him know that he's doing well. 

Finally one of our recent converts is falling in love with one of our investigators haha soo it's funny to see them holding hands after we teach her about the gospel. 

Mmm hmm Mm hmm. 

Elder Brady Adair

P.S. Love you

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