Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 18 2013

How's the family doing?
Cherish are you enjoying the work? Do you have much time? How big is Suzy? How's Todd's work?
Brandon how's the hospital? I'm still not clear exactly what you do for work. You're saving up to buy me a nice dinner when I get home right? :P Joke joke. I've probably said it a million times now, but I'm looking forward to getting to go to the Rec Center with you when I get back.
Emily how's being pregnant and having a kid at the same time? Any fun mood swings yet? Hehe. What's the news about Texas. Are you enjoying it now? How's Tyson liking it?
Brady how's it in Ghana? Enjoying the Fufu? What about the Rice Balls with Abenquan and Okra Soup and Fish?
Mom how's having no kids in the house? Umm do you still want a dress? I don't know if my style has become Ghanafied. The style in Ghana is basically everything goes.
Dad I can't talk about Politics so I'm not sure what topic we should move on to :). Let's see it's March.. and it was Valentine's day. Uh huh soo what did you guys do for your date? How's the work cut? When do you get to retire?
For me, the weeks been good. we've got 3 baptism's tomorrow. Regina(17), Joseph(13) and Shem(12). They're all young but I'm really confident they'll stay active for the rest of their lives.
We're still searching for investigators that will stay. For some reason they don't like to keep their commitments lately.
On Sunday we didn't have any new investigators come.
Brother Misheal got called as Elders Quorum Assistant and helped go out teaching with us during the week which was really cool.
Brother Nana got called as Assistant ward clerk.
Brother Emmanuel was suppose to be called as a ward missionary but something happened and he had to leave.
Brother Prince is doing well but he's been busy so we haven't been able to teach him at all
Brother Nicholas Jr had Pink Eye so he didn't come to church. He has the worst luck for getting sick.
Soo that's the update on Recent Converts. But any ideas on how we can help them get friends in the church? I think that's my biggest concern for them. Because I could get moved at any time. The ward has been really helpful in helping them out.
Umm my tooth finally fell out. I was eating rock hard spring rolls and pop. Soo I'm using the retainer now and it's fun to pop out my tooth to scare people. They think it's Juju at first. The problem is it makes it super hard to talk and now the Ghanains can't understand me at all.. they could hardly understand me in the first place.
So yup. We've gotten a few referals from members but the referals only show up the first time. Hopefully they'll turn into something though.
Oh I didn't tell you Elder Quinten L. Cook came and visited us. His wife shared about gaining Christlike attributes and she talked about a great way to gain them is to sing hymns. Sing a hymn about patience when you need more patience. Sing a hymn about Obedience when you need to be more Obedient etc.
He talked about Extending Commitments and Establishing the church where ever we are. That we are here to be ward and branch builders, not just to get baptisms. He talked a bit about D&C 112 as well which talks about being humble, and as we spread the gospel an effectual door will opened for us, and about this being the last dispensation and how we are responsible for the lives of those we are meant to teach.
It was cool to meet him.
Umm yup. Sooo I love you guys
Elder Brady Adair
P.S. Happy Valentines day last week :P

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