Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10 2014

Hey mom sorry I think my time is coming to a close.
But yes I've been keeping focused for this last week. I am getting excited to come back home though.
This week Bro Amoahko and his wife progressed really well and came to visit the church and they loved it. The Branch President is his Uncle and he has a brother in the church, so if they keep responding how they've been I definitely think they will become members. Even his wife made us some rice and stew the last time we taught them so that is a really good sign. I was soo excited to see them show up for church. It definitely feels good when you see the hard work you put in getting results. I won't get to see the end results before I leave, but it's looking really good. And the Branch President has been helping us alot in sitting down for the lessons and bearing testimony and then his brother bringing them to church - Members sitting in for lessons with their friends and bearing their testimonies and even them picking up investigators is definitely the most effective way for missionary work.
Next Monday I will go to the mission home and we'll do a little devotional and have a dinner there. We'll sleep over there. The next day we will go to the Temple and then drive to the airport and then I'll take off that night. I was excited to see the new temple video but I guess Ghana still hasn't gotten the new temple video yet.
Oh man that will be strange to start sleeping with a blanket again! Haha oh boy that will be interesting to be in my own room again as well. I imagine I'll be weirded out walking at the airport alone as well.
Sweet that will be a sweet lesson on the Sacrament. The sacrament really is so special, and it's definitely given me a lot of strength in focusing on the things that matter most.
It's alright I'm pretty sure giving a 15 minute talk will be a piece of cake. I feel like I have a greater understanding of the gospel as well now so that helps a lot.
Yes I'm not sure if I'll get to email next week.
Wow you've done a great job at emailing mom! Sorry I wasn't perfect at it!
Love you! See you Next week! Ah!
Elder Adair

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