Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 18, 2013

Hey mom I'm doing well. Haha I remember Sound of Music being your favorite movie. You were the one that got me so into music because you'd always be singing the childrens hymns and watching the sound of music, and taking us to musicals at the high schools haha.
I've been using Elder Lee's 16 Gig memory card for pictures and I've been taking as many as I could. I already regret not taking them in my last areas.
But I also found my 4 Gig memory in my bag yesterday. I realized I'd put it in the little zipper when of my small carrying bag when I was moving here to Odoben.
Yes it's been rainy season since I have been in Odoben. It's been sooooo nice. I haven't sweated for the 4 months i've been in this area. I didn't know that was possible in Ghana. My other areas I was constantly drenched in sweat. Although it's about to turn to dry season and there's been a couple days when that blazing hot sun pokes out from the clouds. I'm not too excited for the switch because I've been enjoying the weather so much.
Yes Ghana is very green. Lots of Palm trees, Coconut trees, Plantain trees and just normal trees. Ghana is very beautiful. I need to get more pictures. Sorry!
Yes as for buying clothes and tailoring. Ghana is the place to be. It's super cheap. Because almost everyone can do it. People sew their own clothes. And they are professional. You should see the kind of dresses the ladies bring to church.
The drying takes about a day to get them reasonable dry. But when I stick them in my closet by my bed they smell all moldy so I usually keep them hanging the whole week. (I don't know if that's good haha but it's what I do)
Before we were contacting people on the street just walking around town and just talking to who ever was sitting down. I finally realized after being out for most of my mission that it is probably the worst way to find new people.
My district leader told me to just go to members whenever we have a gap that we don't have anyone to teach. Soo we've been doing that now and I've gotten to know the members so much better and they are so willing to help us out now as well.
One member brought his brother, Brother Nestor. He's sweet. He has just thrown himself into learning about the church and has been super receptive so we're hoping in the following month for him to take that step to baptism. And I'm confident he will stay active for the rest of his life.
Another Member brought his friend to church and a less active this Sunday. My companion has been super sick though for the past week and a half (He hasn't been eating enough vegetables, fruits, and drinking water soo he's improved a lot now) so we didn't even get to talk to them much because we left church right when it ended. But we're hoping that will go somewhere.
With Sister Gifty I was soo excited for her to take that step of baptism. But I guess part of the work is that we're working with people so it doesn't always go the way you expect.
It's a bit of a complicated story now. But basically she wanted to wait a week for her husband to come down to see her baptism. But we were trying to help her to do it last week in case of complications and such turning up during that 1 week. Then she told us her husband was sick and so she had to travel to Takoradi (about 6 or more hours from where I am now, it was actually near my last area).. And we've been calling her each day to find when she will come back. She told us it won't even be until next week.
There's also a confusing situation about her friend moving out of the house. Which we're wondering if it is related to the real reason she left to Takoradi (We aren't really believing that her husband is sick).
Anyways Sis Gifty loves the church though so I'm confident that eventually after the confusion clears she will make that step and I believe she'll really strive to live the teachings.
Well time up
Love you Mom
Tell the Family Hello!
Elder Adair

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